CHEMOPOLY is a Bingo-like board game where players gain territory by finding words hidden in the periodic table. The board changes dynamically as words are found. No prior periodic table knowledge is required, but you do get to learn something about the chemical elements!

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Play Strategically!

Chemopoly is a word game using chemical element symbols. The game is played on a dynamically changing board. Players find words from adjacent letters, flipping tiles to claim territory.

How to Play

CHEMOPOLY is played on a lasercut board with room for 100 tiles. The remaining 18 tiles are replacements Four integrated scoring tracks allow up to four players to play. Each tile has one or two letters representing chemical elements with the flip side having a single arrow. Arrows are used to indicate which of four players owns that space. (It is possible for more than four people to play.)

To play, fill the board with 100 tiles that are placed face up. In turn, players find words from adjacent letters. Use either the first letter or both letters, for example RED can be made with [Re][Dy]. Once a word is discoverd, flip over its tiles and align the arrows to point to the player. When four arrows line up, score a point and replace the tiles from the replacement pile. Play strategically, block others as needed.

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The board, tiles, cards and all components are precision lasercut and assembled by hand.